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New Books for Your Fall Reading List


Everyone knows the cozy days of fall are the best time to dive into a good book. Here’s our list for book enthusiasts everywhere of the top new books this fall: The Bride Test This is the second book from Helen Hoang, so if you were a fan of The Kiss Quotient, you’ll want to check [...]

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High-End DIY Home Décor


Does your space need a refresh? Maybe you just moved into a new home and want to create a different look? Whatever the reason, we’re here to bring you the top, affordable “do-it-yourself” home décor! Just think, when guests come over and fall in love with your handmade fare, you’ll be able to let them know [...]

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Ideas for Enjoying the Last Days of Summer


With summer wrapping up and the first day of school looming, the days of relaxed routines are numbered. August is Family Fun month because it’s the last time your family will have an opportunity to spend large amounts of time together before school is back in session. It doesn’t take loads of planning and a ton [...]

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Operation Staycation: Best Local Beaches


If you haven't had time for a summer vacation yet - or you just want to squeeze in another one -- staying close to home is the way to go. There’s a reason tourists from all over the county flock to our area. We’ve got an array beautiful beaches right in our own backyard! If you [...]

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