Believe it or not, yoga is one of the few activities in the fitness world that provides both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga has the ability to improve mental and physical capacity, in a short amount of time. In recognition of International Yoga Day (on Friday, June 21st) we are examining the benefits of yoga, as well as spotlighting a few local yoga establishments.

Get Healthy

Yoga is truly for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, teenager, middle-aged mom or senior citizen, all are welcome and all can benefit. Everyone, at all ability levels are encouraged to participate, are accepted and supported. Yoga is unique and can be tailored to the individual.

Physical and Mental Advantages

Adopt a healthy outlook and lifestyle with yoga! It’s not necessarily about working out, as much as gaining a sense of calm from the hectic world we live in today. With many different types of yoga, it possible for absolutely anyone to begin. Yoga tends to be more about personal progression and exploring your individual limits. It’s a way to get in touch with your inner self, and your body at the same time.

The physical benefits include increased muscle tone and strength, as well as increased flexibility and stamina. Energy level is elevated, while respiration and circulatory health are improved. Weight reduction and a balanced metabolism are also an added benefit of yoga.

While the physical benefits of yoga are impressive, the metal improvements are quite significant, as well. Stress tends to seep into everyday life, no matter your gender, age or occupation. Yoga has the ability to aid in the management of daily stressors. Coping skills and an overall positive outlook can be instilled when yoga is practiced regularly. Breathing and meditation work to lower stress and improve calmness, mental clarity and enhanced body awareness. Yoga has the capacity to relieve chronic stress, center attention, relax the mind and sharpen concentration.

Calling All Yogis

Looking to get in on the local yoga action? Check out these nearby studios to get your zen on:

Dragonfly Ayurveda and Yoga: If you’re completely new to yoga, Dragonfly is worth checking out. They offer various types of yoga at all ability levels, including gentle, hatha flow, moderate hatha, advanced, ashtanga, restorative, yin, Christian, yoga burn, aerial fit and guided meditation. Ayurvedic consults are available both in-person and online to create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan.

Nelda’s Yoga StudioCome try out one of the vinyasa style classes that cater to beginners, advanced, as well as mixed ability levels and hot vinyasa, that takes place in a heated room. Yin Yoga is also offered and is a slow-paced style of yoga poses that are typically held five minutes or more. Beach Yoga is available to those who want to zen in the great outdoors among the waves. Core strengthening, heated stretching and foam rolling classes are also an option.

Authentic Fusion Yoga, Wellness & Paddle Board: Small group, private yoga and TRX training, as well as special workshops and events are offered with practitioners and guest teachers. SUP paddle board lessons, excursions and SUP yoga are also offered. Personal growth and fitness retreats and workshops are available throughout the year.

Many yoga classes are also offered weekly in our very own community fitness centers. Contact your Lifestyle Director for more information including class format, times and meeting location.

No matter your age or fitness level, consider giving yoga a try. Your mind, body and soul will thank you on International Yoga Day and beyond!