Home décor’s hot new thing is hygge. Pronounced HYOO-guh—depending on where Google takes you—the Danish word is virtually impossible to translate. So let’s just go with “cozy.”

Now that fall weather has arrived at West Villages, it’s time to make your new home that much cozier. Here are some bright ideas to lighten your days and snuggle into those evenings that are stretching longer and longer:

Layered lighting—Sure, the Sunshine State comes by its motto naturally. The world’s best light fills your new home. Now try blending several lighting styles in more than one space:

  • Add lamps with low-voltage frosted halogen bulbs to complement other lighting fixtures and in unexpected nooks and crannies.
  • Use gallery lighting to illuminate the cherished photos lining your foyer walls.
  • Consider cove lighting over your bed for a soft, reflective glow.
  • Go old school with candles and oil lamps. “By adding natural elements and soothing scented candles it creates a cozy and organic look and feel in your home,” Vanessa Alexander, interior designer at Alexander Design, says in Apartment Therapy.

Layer other layers—Blanketing, draping and overlapping a variety of textiles and textures creates additional softness.

  • Layer blankets, quilts and afghans on sofas, recliners, wing-backed chairs and even rockers indoors and out.
  • Layer rugs of varying colors and patterns to give your floors added plushness—and softer padding.
  • Layer on throw pillows and add some to the floor to create more relaxing spaces.

Changing colors: Leaves fall in a cornucopia of colors. Just not in North Port, Venice or along the lush Myakka River. Rustic yellow, ochre and burnt orange may remind you of New England, but you’re in Florida. Go with corals, pastels of the blues you see along the Gulf beaches or the pinks and azures right outside your front door. Those colors paint a palette of home coziness.

Green thumbs up. Myakka State Park, within three miles of West Villages, boasts some 40 plant species. That’s lovely for an autumn stroll. The community’s walking trails wend through acres of greenspace. Bring that natural tranquility indoors with Florida’s favorite houseplants: orchids, peace lilies, succulents, spider plants and bamboo palm.

Don’t forget the outdoors. West Villages’ new homes and abundant amenities offer year-round living at its best. Include even more in your own outdoor-indoor living spaces. Cozy up your patio or lanai, add a fire pit when the temps really fall.

Rearrange: Move a few furnishing around to take advantage of the day’s shifting light and shadows—especially your coziest chair to snuggle up with a good book, next to layered lighting from a glowing reading lamp.

Cozy up to West Villages and enjoy Life Your Way now with a visit West Villages’ Model Home Centers, listed here, Or call the Home Buyers Information Line at 941-960-7805.