School is back in session and fall is approaching. You’d never know it with the warm Florida temps, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. With seasonal décor popping up at retailers across the nation, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home for the holidays. Fall décor in warm coastal areas may be a bit different than that of our cooler temp neighbors. Check out our favorite Florida fall décor trends for 2019.


Natural Elements


The use of organic elements can be used to usher in the fall season, especially in coastal regions that may still be experiencing a heat wave. Fall foliage goes a long way in creating a festive look. Fall leaves and flowers bring a fresh, natural look to décor with muted colors of brown, yellow and orange. Pumpkins can be used from September through the end of November, as they are both a Halloween and Thanksgiving staple. Small gourds and uniquely colored pumpkins can be used as table centerpieces and as decorative accents throughout your home. Mixing in a few fall pieces into your existing décor is a way to subtly increase your home’s festive factor.


Hints of Fun


Adding in festive elements throughout your home is an easy way to celebrate the changing seasons. Simple touches like a sunflower or  hydrangea and peony wreaths, signal guests they are about to enter a well-decorated home. Find fall colored leaf arrangements online or at a local craft store and place in clear, glass vases or pitchers to create a stunning fall-inspired décor piece. Small décor choices like this add up and are fall themed, while also staying true to your Florida roots.


October Frights


Once October is underway, up your home’s spooky factor with minimal effort. Using inexpensive faux spider webs to accompany table décor in your dinning, family and living rooms is an easy way to get in the spirit. Add in a few white pumpkins, ferns and a white starfish to create a unique “fall in Florida” look. If you are crafty (or have a little goblin who is) then DIY spooky spiderweb framed décor might be right up your alley! Into thrifting? Incorporate and repurpose old, mis-matched plates for a scary spider wall art project. A few themed touches around your home easily sets the mood.


November Delights


White pumpkins pull double duty as they transition perfectly into November and right on through Thanksgiving. In fact, adding in white candles and pinecones after Halloween, extend this look into December. As with October, starfish, white pumpkins and fall foliage is all you really need to create the look of the season.  Starfish garland is easy to make and inexpensive, as well. Select your mantle or staircase as the focal point of your home and drape the garland along it. Add in the white pumpkins and fall leaves, straws or flowers to really elevate the space. Another affordable way to spruce up tables or your fireplace mantle is to use potted moss with various sized and colored gourds on top.


However you decide to decorate, be sure to fill your days with plenty of time spent with family and friends, entertaining in your welcoming home!