FazerPlease enjoy another excellent story from a West Villages resident.

By Diane Sisko

My dog, Fazer a yellow lab, was known for making friends with all of the dogs in the neighborhood.   They would visit each other, play, and sometimes take little adventures together.

One evening, my neighbor called me and asked if there was any possibility that Fazer may have taken a bowl of chicken wings that she had cooling on her deck. The wings were in a heavy glass bowl that weighed quite a bit so I believed it to be unlikely.   There were coyotes in the neighborhood at the time so I told her that the coyotes were much more likely to take the chicken than a dog that has a sensitive mouth, such as labs do.

My son and I thought it would be good to check anyway so we walked outside in the dark to see if we could find the subject bowl and wings.  Sure enough, there was the glass bowl – empty – and in a spot that provided a nice view of the pond for having a tasty snack.   Fazer found her moment and location and had a ball!

Instead of calling my neighbor, I cooked up a new batch of chicken wings and brought it to her with a card I found in the pet store.   It was a picture of a dog that had eaten some Easter eggs on the outside and on the inside it read “Eggs?  What eggs?  I don’t know anything about any Easter eggs!”

I changed the wording to “Wings?  What wings?  I don’t know anything about any chicken wings!”   I signed it Fazer, added a couple of paw prints, and wrote, “You’re my favorite neighbor!”   The incident happened several years ago but we still talk and laugh about the night the wings went missing.