Family, friends, football and food. Yup, Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we at West Villages are here for you with holiday power tips to lower your stress while you raise your cholesterol.

Of course, you want to show off your new home and the resort-style amenities throughout our nine premium neighborhoods. In the gorgeous clubhouse, take advantage of the TVs broadcasting the ballgame. Burn off all that stupor-inducing tryptophan on miles of walking trails or go swimming in the pools or kayaking along the serene Myakka River.

Needless to say, Thanksgiving dinner, takes center stage, as it has since the first such feast … in St. Augustine, fully a half-century before the Pilgrims’ Plymouth Rock edition.

Fortunately, your brand-new kitchen provides significantly more features than they had Back in the Day. And with the new Publix at The Marketplace of West Villages, the source for groceries is considerably more convenient, too.

Here, then, a tasty sampling of helpful tidbits:

PLAN. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Pros suggest giving yourself three weeks, so you’ve certainly already started. If you haven’t, relax. (But, seriously, start getting organized.) Here’s a blog with a veritable banquet of free printables to make your planning even easier.

If you have Smart Home automation, ask Alexa to make a grocery list for your menu, keeping in mind, of course, all of the guests you’ve invited.

FEAST WITH FLORIDA FLAIR. Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving or your fortieth, remember you’re also showing off your new home. Add Florida flavors, with such dishes as mojo-marinated turkey, cornbread-chorizo stuffing and, for desert, pumpkin flan or, naturally, Key lime pie. (Although, let’s face it, some say Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is like Florida without oranges.

BEVERAGES. Don’t forget these! Many folks do. And remember your guests’ preferences: adult beverages or otherwise.

HAVE FUN. Also easy to overlook. If the turkey explodes, your guests really will understand. This is Florida, after all, and West Villages is designed for laid-back living.

ASK FOR HELP. The Pilgrims did. So did the Spanish explorers in 1565—and West Villages is an award-winning master-planned community, with the emphasis on community.

DINING OUT? You could always find an area restaurant that’s open. Then you wouldn’t have to decorate, grocery shop, cook, entertain or clean. What’s the fun in that when you’re thankful for your new home? Check here for the closest eateries, but call first.

To learn more about how to enjoy Thanksgiving in Life Your Way, visit West Villages’ Model Home Centers, which are listed here. Fill out the information request form, or call the Home Buyers Information Line at 941-960-7805.