With summer wrapping up and the first day of school looming, the days of relaxed routines are numbered. August is Family Fun month because it’s the last time your family will have an opportunity to spend large amounts of time together before school is back in session. It doesn’t take loads of planning and a ton of money to have fun together. Here’s our list of ideas to really get the most out of summer, while truly enjoying your loved ones.

  1. Go hiking together.
  2. Put a nature scavenger hunt together. Need help? There are lots of ideas online that include tips and free scavenger hunt lists.
  3. Visit the farmer’s market and try a new food.
  4. Explore a local park and nature center.
  5. Check out a local state park, such as Myakka River State Park, Oscar Scherer State Park or any nearby that are new to you!
  6. Build a sandcastle as a family…the bigger the better!
  7. August in Florida is often quite hot. Beat the heat as a family with an early matinee movie.
  8. Put together a lemonade stand. You’ll be surprised at how excited the kiddos will be for this one!
  9. Make your own popsicles.
  10. Have a water balloon or bubble “fight” in the backyard. Bubble solution in a small plastic child pool and a hula hoop create large bubbles and is tons of fun.
  11. Host a neighborhood movie night once the sun sets with a large wall (or sheet) and a projector.
  12. Forget the ice cream truck! Make your own ice cream at home (which is almost as much fun as eating it once it’s finished).
  13. Have a picnic. This could be done at one of our neighborhood parks or even in your own backyard.
  14. Go on a sea shell hunt at the beach.
  15. Stay up late and search for constellations. Stargazing with kids is a great way to spark their curiosity of our world.
  16. Go fishing.
  17. Pick vegetables from your own garden or head to a local organic farm that allows you to pick your own for a fresh salad at home.
  18. Finger paint outside or make a sidewalk chalk mural (or both)!
  19. Staycation in style – pick a nearby hotel and take a whirlwind vacation. Relax by the pool or enjoy other hotel amenities.
  20. Everyone needs some pampering! Whip up some DIY natural beauty recipes and host a family spa night.

Summer days are almost gone! Make the most of it by spending quality time with your family creating new memories and trying new things.