Summertime means lots of time with the kiddos. As well as, ample opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime! However, if you don’t keep your children busy, they can get bored quickly (which we all know leads to whining and grumpy behavior…no thanks). To inspire plenty of family fun, here’s a list of our favorite summer activities.


Outdoor Fun

Put on a luau in the backyard complete with decorations and themed attire.

Go to the beach and collect shells. If multiple children will be visiting, allow them to compare and trade shells at the end.

Visit the farmer’s market and allow your children to sample some of the local fare.

Go berry picking.

Have a picnic at the neighborhood playground or local park.

Go canoeing or kayaking.

Have a backyard camp fire for roasting hotdogs and making s’mores.

Go for a bike ride on neighborhood trails.

Take a nature walk. Collect items along the way and bring home to turn into a work of art.

Have an outdoor painting party. Use a large canvas like an old sheet or large cardboard box.

Plant a butterfly garden on the side of the house.

Make a chalk mural on the sidewalk. Invite neighbors to help!

Foodie Fun 

Enlist the kids to help bake cookies. Baking is just as fun as eating the cookies!

Make ice cream! There’s a kid-friendly baggie method, as well as an ice cream ball that you put purchase to put ingredients in then, kick, roll or shake and it produces the frosty dessert before your very eyes.

Make a home-made pizza!

Plant a garden of herbs, veggies and fruit.

Have the kids assemble and blend their own smoothies.

Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

Use fruit juice to make popsicles in Dixie cups.

Rainy (Or Too Hot) Day Fun 

Make a family scrapbook or photo journal.

Make a fort out of cardboard boxes. No boxes? Use blankets instead!

Try an indoor scavenger hunt. If this one is a hit, here’s an outdoor version, too.

Write and illustrate an original book. Go a step further and have it “published” into hardcover.

Visit the library.

Use paper towel rolls to make and decorate totem poles.

Create the ultimate road trip. Use a map of the U.S. and have the kids mark off all the exciting places they hope to one day visit.

Helpful Fun

Volunteer at a nature center or park.

Set-up a bike wash in the neighborhood with proceeds going to a good cause.

Take your dog (or a neighbor’s pet) on a walk.

Clean up trash in your neighborhood or local park.

Put up a lemonade stand and donate profits to charity.

Decorate a kindness rock and leave it for someone to find.

Visit a retirement home and read stories with the residents.


There’s lots of fun to be had! What’s your favorite summer activity?