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It’s been a busy summer, so you may have missed news reports that North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton was named the No. 1 best city in the United States for young entrepreneurs [link:] by

When a financial website singles out the area as Best Place for Young Entrepreneurs, it is an especially high honor.

Here’s why.

Young entrepreneurs are exactly the demographic that many communities spend time and treasure trying to recruit. An economic ecosystem that supports young entrepreneurs in this entire region (Charlotte County’s Punta Gorda also made the top 10 list) is one that will help make West Villages Florida a vibrant community for many years to come. based its list on a set of criteria that most business communities dream of doing well. Here is a breakdown of the criteria.

Growth rates. MoneyRates started the list with the 25 fastest-growing U.S. cities, and then ranked the regions for growth. Florida is a booming growth state and home to six of the top 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs 2017. Fort Myers is No. 5 on the list and Punta Gorda is tied at No. 7 with Austin, Texas.

Education. A well-educated local population creates two things the study is looking for – a talented workforce and an affluent consumer base. Southwest Florida has always battled a reputation as a place that young professionals leave for big cities after graduation, but the tide may be turning.

Young adult affluence. Plenty of young adults earning good incomes is an indication that the local economy is creating opportunities for that demographic.

Business taxes. MoneyRates used the Tax Foundation’s rankings of business tax environments by state. That ranking looks at new business owners and their tax burden.

West Villages has recognized the importance of this economic catalyst from the beginning and we even have some co-work space in West Villages Office Park. We have already attracted telecommunications, financial, real estate, insurance and counseling services. This is an ideal location for small businesses and solo practitioners to launch their businesses and get acquainted with West Villages.

We are proud to talk about West Villages being ideally situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful Myakka River. Turns out, West Villages also is ideally situated at the top of a list of Best Places for Young Entrepreneurs.